Technology to Commercialization

Battle Bend Energy (BBE) was formed in 2015. We began by completing well bore analysis on available orphaned / receivership status wells and determining Completion / Production optimization opportunities on those assets.

What do we do?

In late 2016, Battle Bend Energy progressed with a change to our value proposition. There are many global entities that hold great designs, prototypes and products / systems that can be very beneficial to the Oil & Gas Industry. The challenge for these entities can be taking their Technology / Intellectual Property and monetizing it…..and so, this what we do…..We take developed Technology from all over the world and we provide the opportunity to commercialize that Technology within the North American Energy Market.

How do we do it?

The BBE strategy is to utilize our 150+ combined years in the Oil & Gas Industry to maximize the potential of the Technology / Intellectual Property to the commercialization stage. This can be achieved by locating the perfect entity match for a commercially successful partnership.

Battle Bend Energy offers support during the process of developing the Agreement between these entities to ensure that there is a structured and mutual understanding that allows each entity within the Agreement to achieve their desired outcome. There are many different probable structures of these partnerships and BBE can offer experience in Royalty Fees, Licensing Fees, Patent Protection and Commercial Agreements.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) are a primary focus of BBE to ensure that the Technology / Intellectual Property holder is protected prior to the introduction to a pending commercial company match. The NDA is signed by BBE and the pending partnership company prior to any information exchange, other than a released Teaser Document by the Technology / Intellectual Property holder.

How can we help you?

We want our experience and network to provide you with the opportunity to take your Technology / Intellectual Property to a commercially successful level….and enjoy the prosperity that Battle Bend Energy can help you achieve!


Shaun Wold – Managing Director: Battle Bend Energy

Shaun has over 23 years of Oil & Gas Industry experience which began in 1994 with an Alberta based Supply Company. After a few years of Inside / Outside Sales and Management there, he moved into the Surface Equipment Manufacturing space of the industry and remained in that capacity for 8 years. During the early roles in Procurement and Estimating Management, Shaun gained a very good understanding of upstream Surface Production Equipment with many dealings directly with the Junior, Mid-tier and Major Operator / Producer internal Engineering & Procurement teams. He also worked often with many EPCM’s at that time. Management has been a constant throughout Shaun’s career and in 2007 he took his Management experience to Calgary as General Manager of a Canadian Subsurface Tool Business Unit. This is where his developing customer relationships began and continued with the Artificial Lift and Completions Service Companies. Since 2011, Shaun currently has the role of Senior / Executive Management and company Share Holder for a Downhole Tool business. During his time in this role, he has been heavily involved in the Product / System Patent process, including achieving PCT international product patent success. He has also established and directed global expansion, which now includes Business Development success in many different countries in both the Eastern & Western Hemispheres.

Shaun’s experience in Surface Production Equipment and currently with Subsurface / Downhole Tools for Production Enhancement / Optimization, Artificial Lift and Completions, as well as direct dealings with both Operators / Producers and Service Companies provides diversity and value to Battle Bend Energy partners and clients.

Don Parsons – Business Development / Tax Incentive Programs

Don brings more than 40 years of varied business experience to practice in assisting individuals and businesses in achieving commercialization success. Having started/owned/merged and IPO’d numerous of his own businesses, as well as assisted with others’, his background includes a diploma in Computer Science/Business, post-grad studies in Systems Analysis and Design, and an ongoing study of Business Process Engineering. Don’s history includes almost 15 years of large-scale custom software design and development, 5 years of alt-energy/heating design and implementation, multi-discipline manufacturing/systems (MRP/ERP), and service industry consultation. Don’s role has typically been at an ownership/executive level, and he prides himself in his pursuit of excellence by bringing fresh approaches to innovative companies.

Don has been closely involved in many IP-sensitive and highly technical endeavours and brings years of industry/government contacts to his palette of resources when needed.

Don’s understanding of the SME challenges to achieve “next-level” success often calls upon his extensive knowledge on market research, developmental opportunities, industry and government resources, including SR&ED and other funding/technical assistance programs as well as the sourcing of capital placement opportunities.

Battle Bend Energy – Contractors / Consultants

BBE has Contractors that bring a combined 150 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry:

  • - Reservoir Engineer / Advisor
    • B.Sc. Civil Engineering / Natural Gas & Petroleum Technology
    • Project Management & Project Engineer Experience
    • Reservoir Simulations for National Oil Companies at a Global Level
    • 40+ years of Oil & Gas experience
    • AccuMap Software
  • - Senior Exploitation / Production / Optimization Engineering Technologist
    • Degree in Chemical Engineering
    • Asset Analysis Experience
    • Well Completion & Production Optimization Expert
    • 20+ years of Oil & Gas experience
    • Current field safety tickets, wellhead insurance with valid certifications
  • - Senior Field / Facility Operator
    • Well Completion Supervision (Service Rig / Flush-by Units)
    • Facility Construction Supervision
    • Pipeline Supervision
    • 40+ years of Oil & Gas experience
    • Current field safety tickets, wellhead insurance with valid certifications
  • - Executive Business Accountant
    • Bachelor of Commerce Degree, CMA Designation
    • Financial, Operational & Manufacturing Accounting
    • Financial / Economic Model Development
    • Oracle, SAP, Wolfpac, Petroleum Registry, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting
    • 17 years with Western Canadian Midstream companies